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Governor Pritzker announced that all k-12 schools will be closed from March 17th to March 30. So I have lots of e learning to set up! It was strange, I knew it was coming, but felt gut punched when the words came over the radio. 2 weeks- 3 if you count spring break- As long as school was in session, I could hope that life would go on as normal- with a lot of extra cleaning and hand washing. But that announcement really hit hard- life was going to change for at least 2 weeks. Well, on the bright side, the bathroom remodel that has been almost done for almost 2 years! and then there’s putting tile on the landing and the 1970’s kitchen needs updating…..

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  1. This is the second post about what we teachers can get done while we are on our extended Spring Break. I hope to be productive, but I’m worried about what my Scholars. We just got notified today and I don’t know how we will serve them.

    • Yep, we did too. At 230 we got email that we would be open next week, but to bring home things in case things changed. By 4 the governor made an announcement that all k-12 school public and private closed. My husband works for a private school and get’s paid hourly- for work- no work no money so I was freaked, but he says we’ll figure it out financially. As for the kids, I’m really worried- what about lunch, learning, and love- All three they are guaranteed at school- at home is another story- and our families- who takes care of the kids so they can work and make money? It’s a scary decision to be sure, but I have to look at it in a positive way-

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