Light it up again!

There’s 2:36  left in overtime. Please please no shoot out- I hate the shoot out- goalies are cashed and it seems a bad way to settle an amazing contest. Rockford’s # 12 hooks and goes to the penalty box. 4 on 3 for the next 2 minutes! Dylan Couglin pulls back his stick and the bend as it hits the ice is a good sign. He let’s loose a scorcher and…. YES the red light comes on-WOLVES WIN!!

behind until the 3rd period, out shot by…well A LOT, (we were in single digits on the shot clock until the 3rd period), amazing saves by Garret Sparks- and even a few scuffles- the game did not look to be going our way. We lost in OT yesterday, so this 3rd period was killing me. But the boys came out to play in the 3rd- laying body on them, shooting the puck, and they tied it up!

On this warm sunny March afternoon, I’ll take the overtime win. Now if the Blues can beat the Hawks (I know, I know you’re a Chicago girl how can you love St. Louis?  I have 6 words: Barbashev, Binnington, Blais, McKek, Dunn, Barube- All former Chicago Wolves, all names on the Stanley Cup Ok maybe just 2 words Ivan Barbashev-

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