What to do with plastic SOL Day 14

Their classroom teacher walks in to an entire 2nd grade class jumping up and down yelling, ” YES YES YES!” I’m sure she thought Mrs. Lovero you’ve revved up my kids and now you’re just gonna hand them over? Good thing it’s 2:59!

It was loud. It seemed chaotic. But to me it was joyful noise. They were all excited about what we did in science. In class, they are studying about the plastic problem and trying to come up with solutions to help out the environment. So there was a mini mystery on mystery science about the plastic problem- they knew a lot of what Doug Said already, but when it came to the bonus -well that’s what got them so excited! Top 5 ways to reuse plastic. I already have calls for a plastic sculpture contest AND boat making contest. STEAM here we come!

And the teacher was totally on board:)

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