Saturday morning DJ- SOL Day 9

“Ting Ting like glitter and gold” reverberates from the phone. Yes, I should be up. Yes, I should be cleaning the house. Yes, laundry awaits. Yes, today is starting the taxes day.

“Cheer up Sleepy Jean, oh, what can it mean, to a day dream believer and a homecoming queen?” My husband and I lay there- knowing we should be up and working, but the lure of the toasty covers, the adorable puppy belly needing rubbing and sweet tuneage is difficult to ignore.

Every once in a while, either in the dark of night when we can’t sleep, or on a packed Saturday that we don’t feel quite ready for, I fancy myself DJ Jazzy Lisa-Lisa:) I love to sing. That’s it. In the shower, in the choir, in my classroom, in the car and in the hazy lazy early morning hours of a busy Saturday.

My husband indulges me my Harry Belafonte and Paul Simon, but I make sure to put some classics (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bowie, John Mellencamp) in my rotation to keep my audience happy. I am very eclectic in my musical tastes- so you may here some Billie Holliday bumping against John Denver, or Linda Rhonstadt belting out “They’re writing songs of love, but not for me” followed by Elvis Costello screaming ” Angel wanna wear my red shoes”. Each song makes sense in my mind, but youtube and google are baffled by my playlists- How, their little data caches buzz, can one person play Wild Mountain Thyme by the Cheiftans and the very next song be Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses? I don’t know data bugs, I defy categorization!

My tastes run from Celtic folk music to big band from punk to classic rock, from blues tools school broadway musicals, from Dean Martin to Robyn Hitchcock. So one more song here on this Saturday before I make myself rise to face the day…

“Saturday, in far off Berwyn I hear your call, Saturday and here am I to give my all. I know in my soul what you expect from me and all that and more I shall be” Laundry here I come!

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