Pink Fluffy Unicorns SOL Day 8

“Big Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows”  blared from the P.A. system… repeatedly. Now there’s a way to start your Friday!

Everyday starts with a song before the pledge and announcements, often times the songs are chosen by students. I hoping this one was chosen by the 3rd graders reciting the pledge, because if it was chosen by our principal, I think it may be time for spring break:)

I like beginning the school day with music- I’m often singing and/or dancing along with the songs. Occasionally, I …well…dislike….no let’s be honest- hate the song and then it kinda messes up my day. Other days, the song is one of my favorites and it makes my day. And I sing it all day long.

Today, at first I laughed out loud, but then after the 3rd or 4th time, lets just say the bloom was off the Rose. I just wanted it to end. But it reminded me of little ones and repetition. They love to watch or listen to the same thing over and over. I have read that this is for a few reasons: with each repetition kids see something new and gain a deeper understanding, kids who were read the same book over and over picked up new words and retained the meaning better than kids who were read different books (Get the Story Straight: Contextual Repetition promotes word learning from Storyboooks Published online 2011 Feb 17. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2011.00017) repeating things is comforting, familiarity makes them feel safe and knowing what to expect empowers kids. So I get it-it’s all good

But Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows 10 times over? Well you be the judge…

13 thoughts on “Pink Fluffy Unicorns SOL Day 8

  1. hahahaha very fun! I would like my school to start the day off with songs blasting over the intercom 😀 The song would probably be “Baby Shark” most of the time. It is interesting that you mention listening to things multiple times – the girl that I nanny has one song that she is always playing about ten times in a row, and it makes sense that she is learning the words or understanding it better each time.

  2. Yes, repetition promotes learning. Yes, one can have too much repetition of pink fluffy elephants dancing. So glad I don’t know the tune!

  3. I have not heard that song, and i am not going to listen! I am extremely prone to ear worms, and fear I would not be able to avoid introducing the song to my family and then I’d be doomed! I’m like you: some songs would make my day, and others would drive me loopy all day! I’m glad we don’t have a song on our announcements.

    • Keep your family safe! 🙂 Back when I was a kid, the Saturday cartoons had fun songs- not repetitive drivel- It was before my time, but the Archies, “Sugar,Sugar” was good enough for the radio.

  4. So funny! It is good and bad all at the same time. So maybe it’s so bad it’s good? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Reading “unicorn” in your url I wasn’t expecting a school related slice. My daughter had a period when she kept singing and writing this unicorn phrase. I am glad she has outgrown it.

    • I bet:) My nephew’s song was, This is the song that never ends. It goes on and on my friends… I remember one camping trip where for about 45 minutes he marched around the tent singing it! I would have given him anything to end the song:)

  6. My almost five year old daughter smiles every time she hears this song in fact next weekend we are throwing her a rainbow unicorn party! It is catchy for sure and is often played on SiruisXM Kids Place Live station. I am sure that the students love hearing music in the morning.

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