Never ending….SOL Day 4

Top 5  Ways Cleaning the House and Being a Teacher are Alike

Number 5       Despite the mess, you have hope that it will all end up well.

Number 4       There’s always something to do.

Number3        At the end of the day, you feel a sense of accomplishment

Number 2.     You always need to reflect and sometimes change your strategy

Number 1.       When its done, it’s just begun!


Ella is getting her summer fur….more importantly she’s getting rid of her winter fur. That means hair, tons, oodles, massive amounts of hair. I mean enough hair to make 3 more dogs. I brush her everyday, sweep constantly, but I cannot get ahead. And when I am most frustrated, I think, it’s just hair and it will end. At school, when I am frustrated over a particular lesson, a challenging student, lack of time to do what I want to do, I think- it’s just _________ and it will end well. Sometimes, frustration is the universe telling you to take a step back, regroup and try again. I don’t often dwell in the negative. To me, there’s no point. You have to look at the positive- to see where the lesson is, what can you learn from this and always forgive. Negativity saps your creativity and rarely leads to productivity.  To paraphrase the words of “Butterflies are Free”, there are none so frustrated as those who will not reflect.

Gotta go, more hair to sweep up- on the upside, I’m taking the “girls for a walk on this crisp sunny day!

4 thoughts on “Never ending….SOL Day 4

  1. Your connections between teaching and cleaning resonate. We truly are never done and your quest to collect your dog’s hair shows parallels to the teaching life in a refreshing way.

    • Thank you, My husband always tells me I see the world in an interesting way:) I like to fancy myself a slower talking, slightly less witty Gilmore Girl:)

    • Thank you! I know teaching is a never ending job, but that’s what makes those little moments of triumph so fulfilling. I see it everyday…well saw it anyway…when I was there. Your kiddos have come a long way in these few short months!

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