First Tuesday

So today is the first Tuesday after the Slice of Life Challenge for March and I made a commitment to try to keep posting.

After a long Saturday- 6 hours total in the car- a show from 9 to 3 in Wisconsin and then a hockey game at 7 in All State Arena Rosemont Il- we left at 4 a.m. and arrived home at 10:30 p.m. All Scott and I wanted was sleep, copious amounts of sleep. But there’s the dogs to let out, mail, hunger, so we did eventually get to sleep at about 11:30-12.

“Honey, honey wake up”, I feel the gentle nudging on my shoulder. Heavy lidded eyes, blurry vision (no contacts), slightly wet cheek from drool, I hear the words no one ever wants to hear…” Don’t panic (Of course I start to panic), I need you to call an ambulance, I think I’m having a heart attack” Wide awake now! Dial 911 and I thought calmly tell the operator the situation. Of course, both Scott and the operator tell me it’s ok and to be calm. She tells me what to do and that the ambulance is on it’s way. I have to get the dogs into the basement so they don’t interfere with the paramedics- they are not cooperating. Finally, I have to bait and switch them- ooh lets get a treat girls- walk 1/2 down the stairs and fling them (the treats- not the dogs), and run upstairs to slam the door shut. Ok, next open the doors, get some clothes on, make sure Scott is ok, gather meds….Whew! They are here. I have a pretty small house, about 900 square feet, so 2 paramedics, 3 firemen, Scott and I are a tight fit in the living room let alone the bedroom. I find myself in the bathroom, 2 fireman are stuck in the hall. Scott wants to walk to the ambulance instead of riding in the gurney which is a chair. The fireman throws the sheet that was covering the chair and knocks the Barbishev stick off the wall and all the signed pucks that were resting on it to the floor. They all freak out a little and start picking up stuff. No big deal guys I’ll deal with it. I leave to meet the ambulance at the hospital, which is about 5 blocks away.


P.S. Everything turned out to be perfect-Scott had to stay in the hospital until Monday, because they couldn’t do the stress test they wanted to do until then. It was not a heart attack and his heart is very healthy! So we do get to go to Dubuque for our spring break as planned, and see the hickey game tonight. Thank God!

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  1. Whew! Glad everything is all right. We had some stitches this weekend. I was not calm as I would like. That blood thing freaked me out. I drove Bob myself to the hospital 30minutes away. Still we persevere.

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