Slice of Life Day 18- Woo hoo!

Wolves WIN! We really needed this one. Iowa was 1 point behind us and ready to steal our second place seed in the division. This time of year every game counts, but when you are playing  the #3 and you are #2, it REALLY counts. At the beginning of the season, Wolves were dead last and a playoff spot seemed impossible. But the hockey Gods smiled, the boys pulled it together and became a team and now in March with a month left in regular season….it’s a possibility, a good possibility! While nothing in hockey is ever secure until it is, we have a good shot at second and depending on how play goes for all the teams- maybe division champs. So here’s to a month more of high fives, a month more of 7 to 3 victories and month more of posting WOLVES WIN!! on Facebook. A hockey girl can dream:)


This is last year when I “won Barbashev’s stick- I will post the new acquisition- Barbashev’s special St. Patrick’s Day sweater when I receive it in the mail:) Such a great day for hockey. Scott always laugh when I say we won something- because these things come from auctions- so you “win” by paying for them. But the money goes to charity,so you feel like it wasn’t wasted money- you get something cool and the Epilepsy Foundation gets some $$ to help out people in need. win/win.



9 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 18- Woo hoo!

  1. Your passion for hockey is so evident through this post. Thanks for lifting the level of excitement through your words! 🙂 Congrats on the win!

    • I am a pretty casual sports fan- I can take or leave most of the big ones (basketball, baseball, football), but I am a huge hockey fan. The level of skill and talent these people possess is amazing to me. Last night, Keegan Kolestar made a goal on his stomach!

    • Isn’t it an great sport?- such talent needed to play the game! My husband played pee wee through college, it was a surprise passion we found we had in common:) I never played, but always watched- I am in awe

  2. It is clear from your writing that you are very excited about the improvement in the Wolves’ hockey season. I hope they continue to do well for the rest of the season. The tone of this piece is palpable.

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