Slice of Life Challenge Day 13

Working with my OAV (Our American Voice) kids today, we were composing an email to send to the school about our project. Our American Voice is a civics program, where students learn about citizenship and then do a project to improve their school, or community. Last year my students were so into everything- they loved learning about citizenship, doing the project- they were real citizens of our club, our school and our community. This year, I am having a slightly harder time. The kids who joined are not all completely committed and I am struggling with what to do. I don’t want to discourage anyone from being part, but I also want them to realize that this is not like a typical school “club”. It’s a year long commitment, there is an educational part, and we are trying to make the community better. The ones who are committed are amazing! They have such compassion and a work ethic to be envied; and today we ended up having a very serious conversation about what it means to be a citizen of a group. We were discussing the student walk out. I was proud of their empathy, and their ability to look at an issue from different sides.

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Challenge Day 13

  1. That sounds like a really important club, getting students to take action. It’s hard to run a club like that when everyone isn’t totally engaged. Hopefully your committed ones can help engage your less-committed students. Sometimes peers can be more persuasive than teachers.

    • That’s so true! I was a bit spoiled last year- one of my students had already worked out when he was going to run for president:) So they were super citizens!

  2. Your enthusiasm for OAV and the kids has always been overwhelming. Enthusiasm being one of your character traits that I both envy and dread. I envy it because of the energy level it gives you and the mindset of all things being possible. The dread comes from the fact that I know it will inevitably lead to my having to cut something, paint something,bolt something together or drive an extra 20 miles.

    • But BOY did last year’s kids love making that little free library! They couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was and how cool you were to help them!

  3. Important work has to be important to those doing it. I am sure your serious conversation was motivation for them all.

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