Slice of Life Day 2

Walking to the alley with the recycling, trying to beat the Waste Management truck.  I do not want to  be stuck with a full can for another week.  I am greeted by plump tiny green leaves, peeking out from the dull dry husks of leaves. Eyes squinted against the sun! Spring is slowly starting its march across my backyard. I love living in a place that has four seasons. The midwest is especially wonderful. I know some people balk at bitter cold winters, blasting spring thunderstorms , blistering hot summers, and blustery autumn winds, but I couldn’t love every bit of it more. Today, the change between seasons is especially poignant. After a long hard winter, heck after yesterday’s freezing rain, this day bursts open with clear bright, staccato notes blowing away the signs of winter. I stood in my backyard staring at the bare rose bushes, accumulated dead oak leaves, my sad garden gnome in woefully inadequate clothing and mom’s weathered porch swing smiling quietly to myself. The grass is still brown. The flower buds are dormant. But the sky is robin’s egg blue and soon the air will be filled with the tweets and chirps of the returning birds.  Spring has come.  To steal from John Muir, the backyard is calling and I must go…..

16 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 2

  1. I grew up in Wisconsin, and everything gets so much better when spring comes. It is so nice to see everything come out of the winter gloom. Thank you for sharing this descriptive slice to remind me of a part of the Midwest that I miss.

  2. I love the first signs of spring. When we feel winter leaving and see the flowers starting to bloom. Nothing better than a nice, long walk and being able to enjoy it. 🙂

    • My sister is a member of the Chicago Botanical Garden and I anxiously await the hill that they fill with crocuses and daffodils- breathtaking! And of course tulips my absolute favorite flower- I had no roses in my wedding bouquet, just tulips and Gerbera Daisys

  3. I love spotting the changes outside too. Tree buds are starting to swell, so I know it won’t be long before leaves appear. That is if we can keep the sun out and temperatures warm.

  4. This is amazing writing! The line about the gnome’s “woefully inadequate clothing” made me giggle out loud!

    • Thank you! I enjoy crafting sentences- I rewrite and edit until it sounds “right” to me. Writing is a process, but when you sit back after the final rereading and editing there is something so satisfying in watching the piece grow and change- a lot like nurturing students.

  5. What a beautiful post! Today was beautiful. I remember standing outside at dismissal and marveling at how blue the sky was. Great post Lisa-Beth!

    • Right? That sky was such a gorgeous blue after all that gray. Makes you want to lift your face to the sun, close your eyes and drink it in. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. “I love living in a place that has four seasons.” It’s so easy to get caught in a cranky attitude with all seasons. It’s too hot. Now it’s too cold. It won’t stop raining. So on and so on. But sometimes, it’s important to think about all the beauty we get with each season.

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